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Bee Conomy

Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece - the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The project Bee-conomy that is co-funded by the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme "Greece-the Former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia 2007-2013" has started!

The first actions that are being implemented are the preparation of the classroom that will host the Bee-School in Exaplatanos, the supply of a vehicle and the provision of the necessary equipment for the safe implementation of the two courses.

The trainees will be professional bee-keepers that need update of their knowledge in special issues of apiculture and additionally unemployed that are interested to deal with beekeeping in the future. The two courses will be accompanied with several other actions that target at the promotion of bee - products in Almopia, that are of great quality and can contribute to the local development. Emphasis is given to the research and the certification of the quality of the products in Almopia.



Bee Conomy
The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of the Participating Countries under the IPA Cross-Border Programme "Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013"